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Board of Directors



Congratulations to our newly elected and re-elected board members!

Vice President: Megan Tripicchio

Treasurer: Jason Dvorak

Members-at-Large: Jason Cordes, Becky Maifeld, Jeff Quick and Andrea Weitgenant


And a huge thank you to our outgoing board members Vice President Ryan Nelson and Member-at-Large Jeff Lange!


Please direct all questions to Nate Stulc (CPYHA President), contact info below.

Nate Stulc

President - term through 2020/2021

Jason Dvorak

Treasurer - term through 2021/2022

Tiffany Mathews

Member-At-Large- term through 2020/2021

Brad Solomon

Member-At-Large -term through 2020/2021

Leanne Girard

Gambling Manager

Megan Tripicchio

Vice President -term through 2021/2022

Jason Cordes

Member-At-Large -term through 2021/2022

Matt O'Keefe

Member-At-Large -term through 2020/2021

Aaron Peterson

Member-At-Large -term through 2020/2021

Andrea Rossman

Secretary - term through 2020/2021

Becky Maifeld

Member-At-Large- term through 2021/2022

Jeff Quick

Member-At-Large- term through 2021/2022

Andrea Weitgenant

Member-At-Large - term through 2021/2022