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COVID-19 Info and Ice Arena Rules/Guidelines

Phase 6 - End of Season Updates - EFFECTIVE MARCH 1st

Minnesota Hockey has announced their guidance for Phase 6. Please see the Phase 6 guidelines under the Minnesota Hockey tab. Changes are highlighted in red font. 

Spectators in particular should be aware that each rink will be responsible for setting capacity. Each team is responsible for keeping a list of spectators in case contact tracing is needed.

- Phase 6 goes into effect March 1st.  

- Champlin ice forum will allow up to 250 spectators. As a reminder, spectators must RVSP with their team manager or COVID Coordinator and gathering in the lobby before or after a game is prohibited.

- Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center will allow a max of 80 spectators for rink 2 and 150 for rink 1.

- Skaters will not enter the building more than 10 minutes before their scheduled time and must exit within 10 minutes of leaving the ice. Exception for Goalies who will have 15 minutes.

- Anyone in the building is required to wear a mask on and/or off the ice.


  • If your player was exposed to someone with COVID, please notify your Team COVID Coordinator immediately.
  • Please complete the appropriate team questionnaire if you, a family member, skater or coach tests positive, or the skater was exposed to Covid:

Mite, 15U, and Boys Traveling Questionnaire:

CP/CR CO-OP 10U and 12U Questionnaire:

  • Reminder: COVID can cause minor cold symptoms. Please stay home if not feeling well.

COVID-19 Return to Play

CPYHA is following Minnesota Hockey, CDC, City of Champlin, Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center, D10 and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines. 

We will continue to update information as it's released.

Prior Updates

1/4/21: Minnesota Hockey has secured approval from MDH for the use of the Bauer Splashguard in addition to the CCM Game On mask. Please see the update on HECC masks for details. 

Also, Minnesota Hockey has developed an FAQ sheet on the mask mandate with answers to many of the most common questions to date.  

Minnesota Hockey Updates/Clarification:

1: Mouth guards: Mouth guards do not need to be tethered. There is no change in the mouth guard requirement at 12U and up.  Enforcement may be a little more difficult for officials but the rule has not changed. Custom fit mouth guards allow for ample breathing that should not be an issue.  The quality of off the shelf boil and bite guards also allows for a better fit and breathing. The one issue players may have is if they wear a tethered mouth guard.  There are masks out there by Shock Doctor that have an out flap that allow for an attached guard to be worn and still covering the mouth with the mask flap.

2: Face Coverings and Masks: The latest information on facemasks that we have is that the only hockey-specific mask that’s HECC approved and also is approved as a face covering is the CCM Game On.  As of Monday, January 4th the Bauer Splash Guard has been has been approved as a face covering.  (HECC = Hockey Equipment Certification Council)

Also, players can wear a regular mask/face covering – as long as it covers the mouth and nose. There is sometimes confusion on people thinking the ONLY mask they can wear is the CCM Game On.  

3: Medical Exemptions. Minnesota Hockey has met with the MDH daily this week and discussed, primarily, players with severe asthma.  Here is what the MDH advised: If a player has severe asthma (exercise or cold induced, or combo) they should consult their family Dr. or their specialist.  If it is deemed by those professionals that their case is severe enough to warrant a medical exemption, they need to write a professional letter stating this.  

A copy of the letter should be kept by local association, D10 and also by the team’s coach to show opponents and officials if necessary. The letter does NOT need to state the specific medical condition.


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