Phase 4 Return to Play Updates

 In an effort to increase accountability, the Board of Directors voted to make several COVID-19 guidelines into rules and instituted more strict measures on locker room use in cooperation with the Minnesota Ice Arena Manager’s Association. Below is a summary of the new rules:

  • Locker rooms are allowed for putting on skates and helmets
  • No bags, with the exception of goalies, allowed in facilities for Phase 4 (A small draw string type bag is allowed).
  • No spectators in arenas for Phase 4 with two exceptions. One parent will be allowed at the Mite/8U levels and below, and a max of two people (one per team) may be allowed to live stream games. One adult is allowed for practices and spectators will be allowed up to the arena limit for games. (Phase 6)
  • All players and officials must come fully dressed, except helmets, skates and gloves. Goalies must come half dressed.
  • No one may enter the arena until 10 minutes before the scheduled ice time, and everyone must exit within 10 minutes of the end of the ice time.
  • No ice resurfacing during games will be permitted for the remainder of the regular season. Ice resurfacing will be allowed during Phase 6.
  • No dryland activities will be permitted inside arenas.
  • For this season only: 10U/Squirt and Mite level - mouth guards are optional.