CPYHA Volunteer Requirements

Each family has a minimum number of hours for their volunteer commitment .

A family with one player must complete a minimum of 10 hours each season  The 10 hour commitment must be comprised of the following (a minimum of 4 hours must be completed in concessions, 6 hours may be used in other roles/committees or other "qualifying" opportunities)

A family with two or more players must complete a minimum of 20 hours each season.  The 20 hour commitment must be comprised of the following (a minimum of 8 hours must be completed in concessions, 14 hours may be used in other roles/committees or other "qualifying" opportunities). Click on the "Requirements" Tab above for more details.

NOTE-NEW THIS YEAR- Game tasks will no longer count towards volunteer hours but each family will be expected to share these roles on your team(s).

“general volunteering” hours may include, but not limited to:

Tryouts, committees, tournaments, mite jamboree,  skate event or other “approved” opportunities.

Volunteer Hours Buyout Cost

During registration a family may have listed the desire to "buyout" of their volunteer hours. A check for $225 made out to CPYHA should be placed in the box of the Board Treasurer. Please write BUYOUT in the memo section of the check. The board and committee chair boxes are located at the ice forum near the area to go to the locker rooms.

Player Deposit Check

Each player’s family commitment is guaranteed by a $300 deposit fee. Your team manager will collect a separate check in the amount of $300 per skater. These checks will be held by the Board Treasurer and destroyed at the end of the season if ALL volunteer hours are fulfilled, equipment returned and traveling monthly ice bill payments are paid in full. If all requirements are not completed in full, your check will be cashed.

  • Team Managers collect a “volunteering deposit check” at the start of each season:
    • made out to CPYHA
    • in the amount of $300
  • Team Managers submit a complete set of checks (the whole team) to Board Treasurer  for safe-keeping.

Checks will be destroyed IF:

  • Volunteer commitments are fulfilled (i.e. 15 hours completed in correct categories list above)
  • Equipment is returned (e.g. traveling jerseys)
  • Ice Bills are paid in full

Checks will be cashed IF:

  • Volunteer commitments are incomplete
  • Equipment is not returned
  • Ice Bills are outstanding (i.e. balances are unpaid)