How-To Abridged

How to Login

When you registered your player(s) you used/created an NGIN account (profile owner: username/password).  The Dibs system uploads all players directly from the 2019-2020 Season Registration.  From there, the profile owner is in charge:

  • Profile owners/users fulfill volunteer commitments for all players/profiles with a single “login” account
    • Anyone can claim a Dibs item on behalf of a player as long as they login using the 2019-2020 Registration Profile account – so share the username/password with whomever may claim hours for your players.
    • Expanded families/divorced parents will need to share the password to access their player’s account. We cannot split the account or set up multiple passwords. The player/account floods into the DIBS session based on a rule set up for the email you entered upon registration. In order to access the dibs session to sign up for volunteer hours both parents will need the password used to register the player(s). We don't have access to the passwords so they need to work together.  Other Associations use this method on ngin and parents have become accustom with no issues.
  • Profile owners have the control to “Claim” volunteer opportunities as they become available
  • Profile owners can track the hours you have volunteered as the season progresses

How to "claim" an item

  • LOGIN to
  • Click on DIBS in the upper right tab menu
  • Your session will be listed per the number of players in your family.  We track all volunteer hours by FAMILY - no need to select for whom you are a fulfilling, all hours go into your single "family bucket".
    • 1 Player: You have ONE player this season and have committed to perform at least 4 volunteering hours in Concessions and 10 minimum volunteering hours.  If you have more than ONE player in CPYHA this season, please contact to correct.
    • 2 or more Player:   You have 2 or more players this season. and have committed to perform at least 8 volunteering hours in Concessions and 20 minimum volunteering hours. If you have less than TWO players in CPYHA this season and are in this group, please contact to correct.
  • Scroll through the unclaimed items to find one that works
  • Click on that item (in blue) and select "claim this DIB item"

How to view "claimed" DIB items 

(e.g. say you you sign up for an opportunity online and can't remember the information)

  • LOGIN to
  • Click the down arrow next to your login Name (located on the upper-left main menu bar)
  • From that drop-down menu, select DIBS
  • Scroll to section titled “Claimed Items”

How to “Unclaim” an item

(e.g. say you selected a duty to work and now you can't make it)

  • Each task will have a stated cancellation period - typically 7 days.  
  • If a shift cannot be worked, after “claiming” it AND it is within 7 days of the shift –
    • the person is obligated to find a replacement (send out emails, ask for team help, etc.)   If no one shows up, your deposit may be in jeopardy.  
    • Requesting a “cancellation” in the system, simply lets us know that potentially NO one will show up, and we may contact you to learn of the status
    • Requesting a cancellation DOES NOT mean we will handle finding a replacement – you are responsible to find a replacement.
  • If it is before the 7 day cancellation window, go ahead and “UNCLAIM” the item.  It will be reposted for others to see and claim.
    • follow steps to view “claimed” items
    • Select the duty you want to cancel and click on "cancel claim".   

How do I get credit for completing an item

Please allow AT LEAST 2 weeks for your shift to be processed in the Dibs system as "Complete".  The background process is still very manual, so it takes some time to close the loop.  If it has been more than 2 weeks, feel free to send a "completion verification request".