Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I only see one of my players in DIBs?

Hours are tracked for an entire family.  This avoids complications based when "claiming" dibs items if you have multiple players. This also allows you to choose volunteer hours and apply them to your total family requirement vs. worrying about to whom the hours should be attributed.  Here's what you should verify:

No matter what, you should only have one player listed by name. (typically whichever player was registered as the "first" player)

Then, your DIBs session should accurately reflect your family. "1 player for a single player family, "2 or more players" for a family with 2  more  players in cpyha.  

If either of those items is incorrect, send an email to


Why is my manager asking for my Dibs Session and Dibs Athlete information?

See the answer to the first question above.  Because only one athlete in the family is recording hours, the volunteering committee needs to know who's name is associated with each player.  That's how we are able to find the right dibs account and attribute team-related hours for all players in the family.


Will each team be assigned a week of concessions?

No, you have the flexibility to choose your hours as you wish.  New/additional concessions shifts are being added all the time.


When will I be credited for my hours?

Please allow at least 2 weeks.  The back end process is still very manual.  Each hour must be attributed individually, and by one person.  If you haven’t seen progress after 2 weeks, feel free to send a gentle reminder to

What if I can not complete the shift that I signed up for?

You may cancel your Dibs shift if it is more than 7 days prior to the shift. This will give ample time for someone else to claim it. Once the shift is within 7 days there is not enough time to guarantee that someone will claim it.  You will need to complete the shift or have someone cover it for you. There are high school students willing to work your hours that are posted on the board in the concessions stand or you can check with your team families, family members, neighbors, etc to cover the shift.

What if I do not show up or get someone to cover the shift I signed up for in Dibs?

If you are signed up to work any volunteer shift (not just concessions) and do not show up or find someone to fill your shift, there will be a penalty. The same holds true for cancellations less than 7 days.  The penalty is as follows:

First Offense:    $50 fine 

Second Offense: $100 fine

Third Offense:   Forfeit Deposit

** (Two no shows from the same family signed up for the same shift = two offenses)

Once your fine is paid, you will be credited the hours that you missed.

Why aren’t there very many general volunteering shifts available?

New/additional shifts are being added all the time.  Please know concessions hours worked beyond the minimum required hours count toward your general  hours.

What if I work more than the required hours in concessions?

Concessions hours worked beyond the minimum required hours count toward your general  hours.

Where can I find information on how to perform certain tasks?

A Dibs Item Description sheet has been posted on the “training/info” tab of volunteering page.  While the information is for general purposes, and individual task descriptions may vary, it will give you a starting point.  Additionally, as instructional documents are available, they too will be posted in this same section (e.g. the scorebook cheat sheet)

Why can’t I see specifics on some credited hours?

Some hours must be manually input outside of a dibs posting.  (e.g. you graciously volunteered where there was a need and no posting was available at the time)