As you manage your volunteering commitment this season, please consider the following:


Volunteer Requirements

Each family has a minimum number of hours for their volunteer commitment .

A family with one player must complete a minimum of 10 hours each season  The 10 hour commitment must be comprised of the following (a minimum of 4 hours must be completed in concessions, 6 hours may be used in other roles/committees or other "qualifying" opportunities)

A family with two or more players must complete a minimum of 20 hours each season  The 20 hour commitment must be comprised of the following (a minimum of 8 hours must be completed in concessions; 14 hours may be used in other roles/committees or other “qualifying” opportunities). Click on the "Requirements" Tab above for more details.

Volunteer no show/cancellation policy

If you are signed up to work any volunteer shift (not just concessions) and do not show up or find someone to fill your shift, there will be a penalty. The same holds true for cancellations less than 7 days.  The penalty is as follows:

First Offense:    $50 fine 

Second Offense: $100 fine

Third Offense:   Forfeit Deposit

** (Two no shows from the same family signed up for the same shift = two offenses)

Once your fine is paid, you will be credited the hours that you missed.


Qualifying Volunteer Opportunities

Ideally, each new season allows our members the opportunity to branch out into unknown volunteer-territory.  There are roles and tasks within the association that DO or DO NOT qualify toward your volunteer requirements. The opportunities that DO qualify are plentiful and come with ample volunteer credit amounts.  Unlike the tasks/items posted in Dibs, ROLES are different, as they are for an entire season/year.  There are many ROLES to be had within our Association.  Just click on the “Committees” tab of cpyha.com to see a sampling of areas that require ongoing support through committee membership.  We will continue to provide information and updates on new or expanding opportunities.  You have gifts to share and we can always use the help.

Volunteer Credits by Role/Task    

Season Roles:  The Board, Directors or Coordinators report hours of their committee members to the Volunteering email cpyhadibs@gmail.com.

Head Coach: 6 hours (per list provided by Board/Directors)

Each Asst. Coach:  6 hours (maximum of 18 hours per team; if team wants more than 3 asst coaches, Head Coach and Manager work to split up hours accordingly; Per list provided by Board/Directors)

Each House Manager:  6 hours (maximum of 6 hours per team; if team wants more than 1 mgr, they need to split the hours accordingly; Per list provided by Board/Directors)

Each Traveling Manager: 6 hours (maximum of 12 hours per team; hours can be split between the manager and the treasurer; if team wants more than 2 managers, you need to split hours accordingly; Per list provided by Board/Directors)

Manager-Assigned Duties:  2 hours (2 hours per item, maximum of 10 hours per team; including but not limited to apparel, S.K.A.T.E., Team Party;  Managers will coordinate and report hours to Volunteering Coordinator) 

Board Members:  10 hours/per player (Upon election, all general volunteering hour requirements for all players are met for each applicable season)

Directors/Coordinators:  6 hours/per player  (Upon assignment, all general volunteering hour requirements for all players are met for each applicable season; Per President/Board-approved list at the start of season) 

Committee Members:  hours minimum (Directors/Coordinators may award more hours if warranted up to 6 hours maximum per volunteer)

Opportunities that DO NOT qualify

Game Tasks will no longer qualify toward volunteer hour requirements.  All families are expected to share these roles equally on a team.  This decision was not made in an effort to make anyone angry. We do NOT want to cash checks at the end of the year.  Instead, we are simply trying to figure out how to take the weight off of the 2-5% of the parents who do 80% of the volunteer work.  We want more people involved at all levels.

If you cannot find what you need on the volunteering page, please feel free to contact me via cpyhadibs@gmail.com