Volunteering & Managers

The Team Manager also plays a critical role in CPYHA’s volunteering program.  Thank You for taking on this huge responsibility :)

Here’s what you DO DO:

  1. Communicate Volunteer Requirements and all future volunteering information to your team. 
  2. Collect each player’s family deposit check, made out to CPYHA in the amount of $300.  See below for detailed instructions. 
  3. Assign select volunteering opportunities per the CPYHA Volunteering Policy. More below. 
  4. Submit Credit Forms to the CPYHA Volunteering Committee for ONLY volunteering hours spent on/with your team.  See Below for details.

Here’s what you Don’t DO:

  1. You DO NOT track each family’s every hour.  They are responsible for tracking their time (ideally on their own and in DIBs at cpyha.com)
  2. You DO NOT send credit submission forms/entries for volunteer hours OUTSIDE of your team (e.g. do not submit board member hours, do not submit committee hours, do not submit concession hours) 
  3. You DO NOT hold deposit checks or negotiate qualifications at the end of the season.  The Board will handle this.  See details below.

1 Player Family Volunteer Requirements

Families with one player in the association are required to complete a minimum of 10 volunteer hours. Of those hours a minimum of 4 of those hours must be in concessions.

2 or More Player Family Volunteer Requirements

Families with two or more players in the association are required to complete a minimum of 20 volunteer hours. Of those hours a minimum of 8 of those hours must be in concessions.

Player Deposit Check

Each player’s volunteer commitment is guaranteed by a $300 deposit fee. 

  • Team Managers must collect a “player deposit check” at the start of each season
  • The check must be made out to CPYHA in the amount of $300
  • Collect all checks (for your entire team – partials not accepted) in a sealed envelope
  • Label Envelope “Volunteer Coordinator” with your team name and the  TOTAL deposit amount $ enclosed.
  • Insert envelop into the secure Treasury Slot in CPYHA mail boxes, just inside rink on right
  • Send a notification email to cpyhadibs@gmail.com

Upon completion of season, checks will be destroyed by the Board if:

  • Volunteer commitments hours are fulfilled 
  • Equipment is returned (e.g. traveling jerseys)
  • Ice Bills are paid in full

Checks will be cashed by the Board IF:

  • Volunteer commitments are incomplete
  • Equipment is not returned
  • Ice Bills are outstanding (i.e. the balance remains unpaid)

Volunteering Through DIBs on cpyha.com

All CPYHA Members Login to NGIN to access our Volunteering system called DIBs.  DIBs not only allows each family to sign-up for volunteering opportunities, but it is THE system of record for assigning requirements and tracking ALL CPYHA volunteering hours.

Based upon registration, families will be placed in DIBs Sessions based upon the total number of volunteer hours required for all players in their family.  This eliminates the need to track by individual player and select names when claiming DIBs items.

Volunteering Assigned/Credited through Managers

Team Managers can assign select volunteering opportunities per the CPYHA Volunteering Policy on qualifying tasks and corresponding credit values, such as treasurer, skate team  coordinator, apparel orders, pizza party as examples.  Subsequently, once the assigned tasks have been completed, the Manager submits the credit  submission form to the Volunteering Committee for entry into the DIBs system.

PLEASE NOTE that game tasks will no longer be counted towards volunteer hours. All families are expected to share in these tasks on their team(s).

Policy/Qualifying Tasks/Hours 

Refer to the POLICY tab on cpyha.com/volunteering.  The POLICY tab on the website will always supersede any prior communications.  


Submitting Dibs Credits

  1. Utilize the Credit Submission Form (on cpyha.com/volunteering  page ) to track manager-assigned hours throughout the season. Turn them in monthly.
  2. DO NOT submit or track volunteer hours outside of your team (e.g. no board member hours, no committee hours, no concession hours)
  3. Credit Forms can be sent to throughout the season
    1. To:  cpyhadibs@gmail.com
    2. Subject line:  “Credit Submission_team name”
    3. Make sure you use the correct/full Player and Volunteer name, we have to manually look these up in the system – we can’t guess.
    4. Reminders:
      1. The first submission reminder will come in November, (this is great time to submit coaches and managers which are all identified at the start of the season.)
      2. Other submission reminders will follow in December, January and February.
      3. Folks are counting you to get their hours posted. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.

NEVER, Never submit the same the credit or the same FORM twice, if you need to add credits, submit a totally new form (even if there is only one or two entries.)

Tips and Reminders

  • See the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab within the volunteering page - and refer people there often
  • Helpful documents on volunteering page – score book cheat sheet, and clock function instructions
  • Concessions hours ALSO count toward general volunteering hours!
  • If a shift cannot be worked, after “claiming” it, AND the volunteer is within 7 days of the shift, the person is obligated to find a replacement (send out emails, ask for team help, etc.)
    • Requesting a “cancellation” in the system, simply lets us know that potentially NO one will show up, and we may contact you to learn of the status
    • Requesting a cancellation DOES NOT mean we will handle finding a replacement – it is there responsibility. 
    • If no one shows up, the deposit may be in jeopardy.
    • If it is before the  cancellation window, go ahead and “UNCLAIM” the item.  It will be reposted for others to see and claim.
  • Please remind your parents that it takes a minimum of 2 weeks after the day of volunteering, to see credit for those hours.  The process is manual and time consuming.  Patience is greatly appreciated.