Need Volunteers - Posting Volunteer Shifts in DIBS

  • If you have a committee that needs members – let’s get an email out there!
  • If you have a committee that needs “task” volunteers – let’s post it in dibs!
  1. ALL multiple hours/tasks for dibs must be provided to the volunteering mailbox or emailed to using the following form:
  2. Once shifts you've provided are filled, you will be emailed a "shift sheet" for people to sign in.  If the event begins happening before all shifts are claimed, names not included on the provided shift sheet can just legibly write their name.
  3. Once your shifts have occurred, please verify all volunteers on your shift sheet, sign the sheet and return via email at or place in the "volunteering" box at the rink.
  4. Turn-Times:  Please allow at least 5 days to upload and post new opportunities.