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By CPYHA News, 10/12/19, 10:45AM CDT


CPYHA Traveling Players and Parents,

Brand new for the 2019-2020 season, CPYHA is excited to partner with Individual Skills to provide Rebel Skills Hockey Development.  Every Monday beginning 10/7/19 - 2/3/20 from 5:30 PM-10:30 PM at Brooklyn Park Rink 1, 12 teams will have 45-minute sessions with professional instructors from Individual Skills.  The goal of this 18-week program is to focus on developing critical hockey skills for our players that will help them become stronger, faster, more efficient hockey players and skaters.  We will do this within a high-energy, fast-paced environment lead by professionals from Individual Skills that have many years playing and coaching at various levels.  Individual Skills instruction will be led by Pat O’Leary, Blake Sloan, Rick Beckfeld, Miles Death, and additional staff as well.  Throughout the course of the season, each team will participate approximately 12 times during this 18 week period.  The complete schedule is contingent upon the final number of traveling teams which will be decided upon the conclusion of tryouts.  We are incredibly excited about this opportunity for continued growth and development.


Expectations for all involved are outlined below:



• Be on time, pay attention

• Be a good listener and have a great attitude

• Work hard, it’s OK to fall and fail

• Have fun and push yourself 

• Participation is not optional



• This is not a "day off" from coaching

• Be engaged and help the instructors

• No leaning on the boards, no shooting pucks

• Learn from Individual Skills, ask them questions

• Re-enforce these skills in your own practices

• Not optional



• These sessions will be a normal part of your ice bill 

• Association covers the cost of the instructors

• Support this initiative and encourage your kids to work hard and learn


This is an incredible opportunity for our players and coaches to learn and develop from the best in the business, Individual Skills.  Participation is not optional; the expectation is for full participation and a commitment to learning and working hard.  This is another opportunity for each of us to get better.


Please do not hesitate to ask questions and also let us know if you have any feedback. Contacts: Jason Tripicchio - or Ross Jerpseth -


Training schedules will be posted on team calendars.


Attached is a letter from Pat O’Leary. 


Pat is not only the owner of IS but is also the Head Varsity Coach at Wayzata and the 2019 Dave Peterson Award Winner. The Dave Peterson Award is given annually to a high school coach who has shown great leadership in developing youth hockey either locally or statewide.


Please note: this training is for skaters only, goalies are to attend MEGA goaltender training sessions.



Skills Welcome Letter