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Julie Walker

Fundraising Director

Phone: 612.327.6191


It is required that ALL players participate in the Mandatory Fundraisers.


Each player has the option to sell 120 candy bars @ $1.00 each, for a total of $120 or buyout the fundraiser for $75. You will be required to chose your participation during your 2019-20 online Player Registration session. The $ amount will be added to your receipt and will be paid for at check out.

Candy bar pick up for the 2019-2020 season will be in the lobby:

Monday, September 16th  - 5:30pm - 8:00pm 
Tuesday, September 24th -  5:30pm - 8:00pm

If you are unable to pick your candy bars up on these two designated days, please make arrangements with someone to pick them up on your behalf as these are the only nights you can pick up candy bars.

Thank you!

Abby Frazer

Abby Frazer

Candy Bar Coordinator

Julie Walker

Julie Walker

Director of Fundraising

Phone: 612.327.6191


Each player will be asked to sell 10 Raffle Tickets for a total of $100.

There are 2 options:

  1. Receive ten tickets per player and sell them at $10 a piece or keep them for yourself. If you decide not to sell/keep the tickets after you receive them, you will be charged an extra $100 per player for registration. For traveling players, this will be a d d e d to your ice bill. For house players, you will get billed.

  2. Buyout for $100 per player. You will NOT receive any tickets.

    NOTE: Whether you purchase the tickets or opt to buyout, the cost is $100. Purchasing them gives you the opportunity to win! 

Kristi Parent

Raffle Ticket Coordinator


These fundraisers are available to ALL traveling families and allow you to raise money to offset ice bills!


The wreath fundraiser is optional and open to all CPYHA traveling hockey players.  Players receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every wreath (roughly $10 per item sold) which are then applied to their individual ice bills.   

Again this year, TWO sales options to help you maximize opportunities:

1) Door-to-Door Catalog Sales with payment and delivery facilitated by the seller;

2) Online Sales with credit card direct from Evergreen Industries.  Your customers order what they want and pay online; their products arrive boxed at their door in late November or the first week of December.  Products are limited to 8 set items (no exceptions) and ship directly to the recipient (continental U.S. addresses only).  

Take advantage of both these opportunities to earn as much money as possible to reduce this season's ice bill.



Catalog and sales material is available for download to the right of this page >>.

New this year!  Faster, easier order submission!  Submit your TOTAL catalog order online.  The submission window will open October 1st and close at 7pm on Wednesday, October 30th (the last TURN IN NIGHT).  You may submit your catalog order at any time during the window.  Your Catalog Order Summary will be emailed to your inbox.

CATALOG SALES MONEY/ORDER SUMMARY TURN-IN: Tuesday, October 29th and Wednesday, October 30th from 5pm-7pm in the lobby of the Ice Forum.  Bring one copy of your Catalog Order Summary and ONE CHECK MADE OUT TO CPYHA for the total amount of your sales.  These are the only two dates to turn in money.  Your order will not process without payment.

Wreath Pick-up Day is Saturday, November 23rd from 9:30am-12pm in the parking lot of the Ice Forum.  This is the ONLY day you can pick up your wreaths.  Please make arrangements for another responsible person to pick up your wreaths if you are not available to do so yourself.



Please read the following information thoroughly before participating as there are some significant differences in the two options.

You can sell even more wreaths and earn more money for your individual ice bills by offering friends and family the online ordering and direct ship option from Evergreen Industries.  Direct shipping is available anywhere within the continental United States.  Customers pay with a credit card.

To access CPYHA's sales portal, prompt potential customers to click the link to the right >> and enter customer code CHAMPL.

*** Just before checkout, customers will be prompted to add a beneficiary for the sales credit.  Insert your player's FIRST and LAST name so you get the proceeds from their purchase. ***

Friday, November 15th is the last day for customers to submit Online Orders.

Online orders will be sent out directly by Evergreen Industries the last week in November through the first week in December.


1. Online orders are shipped directly from Evergreen Industries.  Do not include products purchased online with your catalog sales.

2.  The Wreath Committee and CPYHA have no way of keeping a record of your sales made directly with Evergreen Industry.  If you would like an account of your online sales, it is recommended you ask your potential customers to notify you when they buy.  We appreciate your understanding.

3.  Evergreen Industries reconciles the proceeds from online orders with CPYHA in late January.  Your credit for online sales will be applied to your last ice bill.


Jessica Tesdall

Wreath Coordinator

Phone: 651-336-2047

Jennifer Erickson

Wreath Committee

Mike Murray

Wreath Committee

Camille Nelson

Wreath Committee

Patrick O'Shaughnessy

Wreath Committee

Carolee Peterson

Wreath Committee



This link is for customers wishing to take advantage of credit card payment and direct shipping. Please read all the information to the left about online sales before proceeding. Selection is limited to only 8 products (no exceptions) and prices are different then those listed in the catalog due to the additional shipping cost. Payment is made with credit or debit card. Products will be shipped directly to the recipient in late November or early December. Sellers, because the order and payment is made directly with Evergreen Industries, there is no need to add online sales to your catalog order.


100% of your profits will be credited to your February Ice Bill. *Profits average $3.50/pizza.

We will need VOLUNTEERS for Order Turn-In and Pick-Up, opportunities will be available in DIBS once the season has begun.

Heggies Order Turn-In

Date:  Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Time:  5:30pm - 7:30pm

Location:  Champlin Ice Forum (Lobby)


The ONLY form accepted the night of turn in will be the Heggie's Turn In Form.  Add up the number of each type of pizza you sold from your order form and transfer that to the turn in form.  Keep your actual order form for delivery purposes.  

Checks collected from each sale should be made payable to the seller.   On Tuesday, January  7, you will  only turn in ONE CHECK made payable to CPYHA.  NO cash will be accepted.  

If you cannot make this time, please find someone to turn in your order as  ALL orders and payment must be turned in at this time.

Heggies Pizza Pick Up

Date:  Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Time:  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location:  Champlin Ice Forum (Conference Room)

This is the ONLY time you can pick up pizzas.   If you cannot make it during this time, please ask someone to pick for you as we do not have freezer space to store them.  

Please bring a copy of your order form or your turn in form as well as a bag/box to carry your pizzas home. 

Thank you.