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Boys Traveling Info


8/23 - Very preliminary schedule posted.

9/8 - Tryout Schedule posted.

9/13 - Sunday Skater Skills groups posted. Goalies only report to your level's goalie skills session. 

9/15 - Adjusted Thursday's end times slightly.

9/25 - Try out groups have been updated from Sunday's sessions.

Champlin Park Youth Hockey (CPYHA) Tryout Format

(NOTE: This is to be used as a general guideline with the understanding the format may not resemble exactly what is laid out below.)

The format of tryouts will be a combination of skills assessment, internal 4v4 or 5v5 scrimmages (AA/A or General Pool) and external scrimmage play with outside association teams. Every player will be evaluated several times over the course of the tryout week.

Day 1 (Sunday): Skill Drills and/or Practice/Scrimmage (All Players)

Day 2 (Monday): Internal Scrimmage – AA/A Pool (4v4 or 5v5)

Day 3 (Tuesday): Internal Scrimmage – AA/A Pool (4v4 or 5v5)

Day 4 (Wednesday): Internal Scrimmage General Pool (4v4 or 5v5)

                                    External Scrimmage – AA/A Pool (Peewee Only)

Day 5 (Thursday): Internal Scrimmages General Pool (4v4 or 5v5)

Day 6 (Friday): External Scrimmages – AA/A Pool (All Levels)

Day 7 (Saturday): External Scrimmages (Peewee and Bantam)

                                    Internal Scrimmage General Pool (Squirts)          

CPYHA Tryout Schedule

Parents are STRONGLY encouraged to check the CPYHA website DAILY due to changes with groups, ice times and jersey colors. Player group assignments may be updated upon the conclusion of each day and posted to the tryout website no later than the start of school the next day (example: After Sunday night, any changes to Mondays groups will be posted by start of school on Monday)

CPYHA Evaluation Process

The goal of the tryout process is to ensure accurate and fair assessment of each player and to place each player on a team with similar skill level.  CPYHA utilizes non-parent independent paid evaluators to rate and rank players based on a variety of hockey skill and game play factors, which are then used to form the AA/A or General Pool scrimmage groups, form player rosters for external scrimmages and to determine final team selections.  

All players will have an equal opportunity to make the top team (AA/A). However, once a player has been moved to the General Pool through the evaluation process, they can no longer be selected for the top team (AA/A) at their level. Players moved to General Pool will be subsequently evaluated for placement on B1, B2 or C team rosters at their level.

Day 1: Skills Drills or Practice/Scrimmage

Day 1 of all tryout sessions will be skill drills (Squirts) and/or coach run practice format drills and scrimmage play (Peewee and Bantam). All skaters will be divided into equal number of player groups, with two sessions for each level. Goalies will have a separate skills session.  After completion of Day 1, player evaluation rankings will be used to form the AA/A Pool for internal scrimmage play on Day 2. Players not assigned to the AA/A Pool groups will participate in the General Pool scrimmages beginning on Day 4.

Parents should plan to check tryout schedule daily

Day 2 and Day 3: AA/A Pool Internal Scrimmages

Day 2 and Day 3 will be internal AA/A Pool scrimmages for all levels. Player evaluation rankings to be reviewed after Day 2 and may be used to adjust AA/A pool. Upon conclusion of the Day 3 internal AA/A Pool scrimmage, player evaluation rankings will be reviewed to form player roster assignments for the external AA/A Pool scrimmages that will take place on Day 4 through Day 7. Players not assigned to the AA/A Pool external scrimmages will participate in the General Pool scrimmage beginning on Day 4.

Parents should plan to check tryout schedule daily

Day 4 and Day 5: General Pool Internal Scrimmages

General Pool internal scrimmages will take place on both Day 4 and Day 5. Upon conclusion of Day 5, player evaluation rankings will be reviewed to form player roster assignments for the external Peewee and Bantam level B Pool scrimmage (approximately the top ranking 16-20 players within the General Pool) that will take place on Day 7. Additional internal general pool scrimmages are scheduled for Day7 at the Squirt level to further evaluate player placement. 

Parents should plan to check tryout schedule daily

Day 4 to Day 7: External Scrimmages

Upon completion of each external scrimmages, player evaluation rankings will be reviewed, and used to determine if any change in player roster assignment will be made for the following external scrimmage.

Parents should plan to check tryout schedule daily

Day 7: Final Team Selection

At the conclusion of the final tryout session for each level, evaluation scores and player rankings will be reviewed to finalize rosters. The final team lists will be posted on the CPYHA website as soon as available.

Additional Try Out Information

TRYOUTS CLOSED TO SPECTATORS                                                          

CPYHA conducts closed tryouts which means no spectators will be allowed to view tryouts.  Spectators can be a distraction to the players and evaluators.  Parents should drop their player off at the area entrance.  If a player needs assistance with equipment or anything else prior to getting on the ice, a member of the traveling committee will be there to help.

* Will not be assessed for the 2022-23 tryouts*


* Will not be assessed for the 2022-23 tryouts*

Tryout Dress Code and Rules

Reminder to all traveling tryout participants:

Be on Time: Please arrive as early as 45 minutes but no later than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tryout time to assure you have ample time to check-in and be dressed and ready to skate on time.

Water Bottle: Bring your own water bottle if needed.

***Note*** If a participant does not follow the below dress code rules, they will be given a warning.  If they do not fix the issue before their next session, they will not be allowed to skate.

Helmets: You must remove any and all non-association helmet stickers and or tape

Hockey Socks: Please wear only one of the following matching CP color socks or all Navy Blue, all White, all Black, all Gray are acceptable. Both socks must match – we will not have extras to provide (Coop participants may be exempt on color but must be matching).

Stick Tape and Laces: Only black, white, or navy blue tape should be used on the stick blade. Same for skate laces.

*New Tryout Jerseys for 2022*

Each player will received ONE reversible tryout jersey for the duration of the tryout process.

After Sundays skills groups, only players jersey number will be posted, not names. Please note your players jersey number for what group they are placed. Also, please pay attention daily to what group color (navy or white) your player is in, as that will dictate what color your player should wear that day.

Failure to turn in tryout jersey on last day will result in in a $200 fine.


Try Out Information

The 2022-23 season tryouts will be back at the Champlin Ice Forum from  9/25/22-10/2/22

Click here for tryout groups.

Click here for final team rosters.

Click here for schedule.

**Please adjust your personal schedules accordingly and refer back to this page often, as the schedule and groups will change every day of tryouts.**

Intro To Traveling Hockey Meeting

New boys traveling hockey parents are invited to attend an informational meeting.

Saturday, September 24th


Champlin Ice Forum Conference Room

Aric Radmacher

Aric Radmacher

Boys Traveling Co-Director

Andy  Long

Andy Long

Boys Traveling Co-Director

Nate  Stulc

Nate Stulc

Goalie Director

2022-23 Traveling Committee

Aric Radmacher Boys Traveling Co-Director
Andy Long Boys Traveling Co-Director
Nate Stulc Goalie Director
Jason Tripicchio Hockey Development Director
Jeff Carlson Coach Coordinator
Ric Gould Bantam Level Coordinator
Jeff Wylie Bantam Level Coordinator
John Smith Peewee Level Coordinator
Josh Juaire Peewee Level Coordinator
Todd Gilbertson Squirt Level Coordinator
Justin Klabo Squirt Level Coordinator
Jon Verlo Committee Member
Mike Anderson Committee Member
Tom Jenkins Committee Member
Jason Cordes Board Liaison


If interested in coaching on a team this season. Please contact Jeff Carlson at