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Welcome to the Volunteering Page for the 2019-2020 Hockey Season

CPYHA uses DIBS - an online volunteer selection system that allows you to easily pick and choose the way you contribute to our Association and satisfy your volunteer requirements.  It is ONLY with your support that our kids have their own local community hockey teams.  

The sessions created are based upon a family.  You will simply have one player listed and you will see the total number of hours required for your entire family.  You won't have to worry about selecting the right player when you sign-up for DIBs items.  And you won't have keep track of multiple kid hours-requirements.  However, you WILL still need to ensure that you have your minimum number of hours completed.

One player families will have a minimum requirement of 10 hours total, including a minimum of 4 hours in the concessions stand!

Two or more player families will have a minimum requirement of 20 hours total, including  a minimum of 8 hours in the concessions stand!

Team game tasks do not count towards your volunteer hours!! They are an expectation as being a part of a team and sharing responsibility.

Remember, it's always a good idea for you to keep track of your hours as a back-up.  THANK YOU for your service and your patience.


Volunteer no show/cancellation policy - 

If you are signed up to work any volunteer shift (not just concessions) and do not show up or find someone to fill your shift, there will be a penalty. The same holds true for cancellations less than 7 days.  The penalty is as follows:

First Offense:    $50 fine 

Second Offense: $100 fine

Third Offense:   Forfeit Deposit

** (Two no shows from the same family signed up for the same shift = two offenses)

Once your fine is paid, you will be credited the hours that you missed.

Brie Rettke

Volunteer Coordinator

DIBS Email

Volunteering Committee

Lisa Tilleskjor (Concession shift credit on Dibs)

Lynne Raatz (Traveling Team Credits)

Marci Fink (Mite Team Credits)